Handmade Blessings

Wine Barrel Lid Tray with H...

This reclaimed wine barrel lid tray is the perfect home decor gift for food and wine lovers. It would make the perfect charcuterie board/serving tray! The wine barrel lid has been deconstructed, cleaned, sanded, glued back together and coated with several layers of food safe polyurethane. (After it's been cured for 30 days.) The antique handles add just the right touch and are the perfect dimensions for this oversize tray. Each wine barrel lid is completely unique. Many have various stamps on them; some do not. They can be painted or stained any color and even personalized but my favorite look for these is just a few layers of clear coat. Approximately 23 inches in diameter.
Handmade Blessings

Stovetop Cover/Noodle Board

With the Stovetop Cover/Noodle Board, you can enjoy practical home decor that offers a nice worktop while cooking and personalized decor when not in use. This large noodle board can be customized with whatever design you'd like in the center of it, and you choose the stain/paint color as well. Handles on either side make it easy to move as needed.
Handmade Blessings

Loved beyond measure - Grow...

Keep track of your little one's growth over the years with the Loved Beyond Measure - Growth Chart/Ruler. Doubling as a piece of home decor, this growth chart features the sentimental message of "loved beyond measure" printed on the front alongside the ruler-style height measuring tool. It comes available in your choice of stain colors.
Handmade Blessings

Hand Painted Farmhouse Tray

Perfect for hosting or as home decor, the Hand Painted Farmhouse Tray is a handsome wooden tray complete with a standard phrase or a customized message of your choice. This tray's appearance can be further customized with one of the available stain options. On either side are two durable metal handles for easy carrying.
Handmade Blessings

Spinning Lazy Susan

Make your kitchen a more convenient and stylish place to gather with the Spinning Lazy Susan. This spinning piece of home decor is perfect for housing napkins, salt and pepper shakers and other items you want to keep within easy reach of everyone at the dinner table. It features four rubber pads to prevent slippage and comes in your choice of our many finishes. Diameter is appx 18 inches. (Also, just about any design from one of my signs could easily be added to a Lazy Susan.)
Handmade Blessings

Personalized Family Name Sign

They say that home is where the heart is, and family is really at the heart of it all. With the Personalized Family Name Sign, you can decorate your entryway, living room or other location with a unique wood plaque. This personalized decor features a last name and its initial for your home or to give as a holiday gift.  Handmade to order. Background is stained in the color of your choice, then white-washed with reverse stencil of initial. Then last name is stenciled on in black. Approximately 11 x 11.5 inches.
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